The Wörgl Experiment

I discovered this short video on the Austrian Wörgl Experiment, by Hollis Doherty, who is as may be too apparent, an actress, and also a writer. She has apparently written the screenplay for a film, “The Miracle in Wörgl”, though, unfortunately, I can’t find evidence of it having been actually made.

Still it describes well an interesting experiment and she draws some even more ‘interesting’ conclusions:


  1. Jeremy GH -

    A film on the subject has been made, but in German, and not I think by Ms Dohety: ‘Das Wunder von Wörgl’ (or ‘Der Geldmacher’) – see ; or there is a a YouTube clip ( with the same title, also in German – which has an amusing cartoon (at 1:51) re a bank in trouble…

    Or there is a web site (with English version) on the experiment at

    1. Peter May -

      Many thanks for the links

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