The Treasury Select Committee are on the case – but are they in time?

As their statements and copy letter show, this is urgent. But the failings of the Coronavirus compensation are so obvious that I just cannot understand what Sunak is doing at the Treasury – he seemingly has no concept of urgency. Whilst he may be a millionaire and married to the daughter of a billionaire he seems ignorant of the fact that people cannot wait 5 weeks for income or for some, as far away as June.

The committee outline the principle problems below:

What I cannot understand is why the Treasury thinks it a good idea that any citizen, who is already under the pressure of avoiding being the victim of an epidemic, should also be under additional and unnecessary financial pressure.

I can imagine only that Sunak is surrounded by too many old school men in the Treasury like Nick Macpherson, who believe in ‘sound money’, which has to be carefully guarded and meted ever so sparingly.

But even ‘sound money’ won’t be sound for long when there is mass unemployment, the rent isn’t paid and people cannot afford to eat.