The subterfuge of the tax return

In my recent talk on tax I unsurprisingly mentioned the tax return. Whilst it is not essential to our understanding of what tax is we should at least recognise it as the blatant subterfuge it is:

This (tax summary) form was created by George Osborne. It is a shameless example of state produced ideological propaganda – ironically promoting the ‘small state’. Why? because it blatantly promotes the view that a government’s resources are limited by tax, when they are not. It mentions ‘your tax’ suggesting that it is not the the government’s to collect whereas in fact all money goes back to the government eventually.

Your tax is in fact our tax.

There’s almost a song in this….



  1. Andrew -

    George Osborne created the tax return? The form that taxpayers fill in each year and return to HMRC to declare their income and gains? Surely not.

  2. Wendy Bradley -

    That’s not a “tax return” mate – those words actually mean something.

  3. The Working Dead -

    Peter, the correct title for what you’ve pictured is Annual Tax Summary, everything else said is correct! I hate to think how much it costs to send out? Given that Osborne cut the issuing of Ni cards to 16 year olds to save £1 million

  4. Peter May -

    Ah, thank you! Knew if I waited long enough somebody would come up with the correct description – have changed the text to reflect that….

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