The real origin of privatisation

At the risk of proving Godwin’s law to be irrefutable I confess that this extract from James Meek’s ‘Private Island’ brought me up short. Certainly, the American academic, Sidney Merlin, summarised the true effects of privatisation as ones we’ve come to properly understand only almost eighty years later.

And when, as it sometimes does, it seems that neoliberalism is a basic shorthand for ‘fascism lite’ then this article also makes for interesting reading.



  1. Peter May -

    Thanks – a good, if rather worrying, article.

    1. Andrew Dickie -

      Indeed, Peter – a worrying article. But even more worrying is how frighteningly effective that Trump campaign video is.

      Despite knowing every trope on the video was/is tosh, I felt its subtly persuasive force, with dog-whistle flashes of shots of Hillary or Bill Clinton or Obama matched to language referring corrupt and criminal elites. Terrifyingly powerfully persuasive, and easy to see why so many were pers

      1. Andrew Dickie -

        Sorry – missed off last word – should say “persuaded”. Can’t move around the input box when using my mobile, hence typos and errors.

      2. Peter May -

        Now there I find it difficult to agree. I do agree the video is tosh but it means the electorate are so brain dead that they believe it…
        So perhaps they are.
        But does this mean fascism or stupidity?
        I fear the latter. Just look at this encounter

        So in effect Brexit was a two fingers to those (supposedly!) in control, which is perhaps understandable – given that austerity has destroyed people’s hope and future, but regardless of the consequences – to themselves or others.

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