The Mental illness of current British politics

There is an impressive article in the ‘i’ from Ian Dunt on the everyday dissembling of Johnson and his – and actually our – government.

What we’re seeing here is not standard-issue political cynicism. It is something qualitatively different: a conscious effort to eradicate the notion of objective truth as an operating principle in British political life.

It involves a three-stage process: the willingness of the Government to produce disinformation, the undermining of independent fact-checkers who might assess it, and an audience so blinded by tribalism that they will willingly receive it.

None of these tactics work if you have an electorate which still retains the capacity to assess government messaging on the basis of its objective validity. That’s why a concerted effort is made to frame information instead on the basis of tribal identity.

I have to wholeheartedly agree.

Absolutely nothing about this government is straight.

It is identity politics with dissembling purpose.

I’m reminded of the comedy sketch where a charity ‘chugger’ wanted to persuade someone to ‘ban cancer’. When the respondent suggested that it is impossible to ban cancer the reply was simply to say – so you are a cancer supporter then?

This is exactly the Johnson government technique.

This is the mental illness in British politics.

Which is precisely why it is now so inordinately difficult to understand, or be part of, or even, (especially importantly) think you actually ought to be involved and actually vote.

Conservative politicians are now, I fear, brazenly destroying politics.


  1. Graham -

    Absolutely right. Everything seems qualitatively different now and of an “order of magnitude” worse. They have normalised so many things that were once beyond the pale, like everyday racism, misogyny, xenophobia, blaming everyone else for their own mistakes, and of course lying. None of them accept any responsibility and not one of them will resign.

    It’s a coming together of hard right libertarians who want to shrink the State, get rid of “troublesome” regulation and be allowed to make as much money out of the rest of us as they can, together with a bunch of English/British Nationalists who see Europe as the enemy and imagine that becoming the poodle of the USA will be so much better, all melded by the chancer and charlatan in chief, Johnson.

    The only hope, a faint one admittedly, is that he may run true to form and leave before the whole horror show comes tumbling down on his head. Unfortunately, what follows, may be even worse, but more organised.

    It’s a depressing prospect.

    1. Peter May -

      I fear it is…

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