The French are doing it so much better…

My piece yesterday bemoaned the arbitrary end of furlough and the complete lack of any clear-sighted direction for the economy. Indeed I now understand that the government’s ill thought out ‘kickstart’ scheme is in fact available only to those able to offer a minimum of 30 placements.

No wonder Tesco is in favour and this of course shows the result of a completely evidence free policy because we already know that most jobs are created by small business – very, very few of whom would be able to offer 30 placements.

It was slightly reassuring to find that France has a very different view – indicating a desire not only to invest and diversify their economy but also orientated towards greening it. I very much doubt that the €100 billion investment is sufficient but it is at least a start. Nevertheless it is still substantial – particularly for a country that no longer has a currency that it can realiably call its own. We can compare and contrast our own government’s plan for the much heralded but entirely inadequate, puny, £2billion kickstart scheme.

We have – or had – an economy of the same size as France but our government’s future investment is about 2½% of our neighbour’s.

This is f*** business writ large. (Or rather, in effect, small).

Unless there is a change of view in both investment and towards a no deal Brexit, I really fear that the British economy could well implode into failed state territory.

We are certainly on the way.


  1. Bill Hughes -

    Yes it does seem the government is completely dominated by finance capital and productive investment is anathema to them, unless it is some white element scheme such as HS2, Hinkley Point C et al where largely foreign capital is involved or the massively increasing cost of Trident . .

    1. Peter May -

      Agreed entirely

  2. Mel Mignot -

    I live in France and noticed in my local rag that the French government are injecting 300 billion euros into the french economy to get things going again.

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