The Divine Right of Conservative Kings

In spite of this short almost endearing, piece being from 2016, this was Mayor of London ‘power’:

Yet when we know there is a joke is doing the rounds to the effect that, a sexist, a racist, and a liar walk into a pub and the barman asks simply, “What would you like Mr Johnson?” we know that all is not as it seems.

You have to think why the Prime Ministerial change? Does he believe anything?

Is it really because he loves any power – and the more power, however he has to get it, the better?

Is he furious about the truly disastrous ‘No Deal’ problems or is he furious that he was found out?

Are his government’s own conclusions just a project – or even, perhaps, proper fear? Perhaps with an ulterior motive?

It was ‘Trickie Dikie’ Richard Nixon, whose Madman theory Trump seems, consciously or not, to have imbibed, which suggests you can scare an opponent into concessions by cultivating an image of recklessness – and one to which Johnson is surely similarly inclined.

Certainly number 10 is lying again, because ‘The Sunday Times’ has stated that its ‘No Deal’ Civil Service conclusions were just after the change of Prime Minister to Johnson. And the conclusions are a likely scenario, not, as Gove likes to suggest, a worst case scenario. Thank goodness for the Civil Service.

It is often said that Labour (New in those days) tried to control the narrative. Certainly it did, and indeed it should have – look at what happens when it doesn’t, when Corbyn is accused of absolutely everything that he has never done….

Yet, of course, the Tories don’t need to control the almost entirely Tory sympathising media, simply endeavour instead to try to control the Civil Service. Conservatives want to control ideas. Labour are, now especially, thinkers and receptive to ideas.

Labour and anyone progressive want to control only after proper reflection. Conservatives want to control to protect their own interests.

So it appears that Labour is entirely in favour of evidence based policy making.

Meanwhile Conservatism seems based on policy based evidence making.

And I’m beginning to wonder if power is the real and entire incentive.

Remember the Catholic Kings?

That seems now to be some sort of Divine Right of the Conservatives.


  1. Tony_B -

    Johnson sees himself as the neo Grand-Vizier.

  2. Paul Wright -

    The Tories are the political wing of the English establishment it controls 90% of the media,
    The corporation of London and the attached British protectorates ( London tax havens) the monarchy, much of the legislature and it systemises the private education sector as its nursery of succession. For example Boris Johnson is PM in short time to follow David Cameron as deemed.

    It doesn’t matter that Cameron or Johnson are inappropriate for political office, they are the choice of the establishment.

    I remember my son at Oxford ( he was state comprehensive) recounting his friendship with the then dean of Magdalene. The dean showed him a college photo and pointed out a young man called Gideon Osborne, who was at Magdalene at the time. “This chap has been chosen for high office, mark my words, this is how it works, you will just have to work hard and hope for the best”

    That’s what we have to fight. As for the Murdoch press you mention I wouldn’t believe a word.

    Regards and thanks for a great blog

  3. Bill Hughes -

    The Murdoch controlled Sunday Times of August 18 with their report “Operation Chaos: Whitehall’s secret no-deal plan leaked” was certainly damning of the Tory government and must have caused a lot of red faces in Westminster.

    1. Paul Wright -


      Do you work for a Murdoch company?

      Do you remember what they did to the north London Jewish boy with a bacon sandwich?

      Smell the coffee



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