Tax and spend is so hard-wired…

I was waiting, as a pedestrian, at a level crossing this afternoon. When the train finally trundled past a voice from a suitable distance said “I don’t know how the government can afford to run all these empty trains”. I felt compelled to reply that as the government creates our money – it can spend on whatever it likes. He shot me a look which indicated he had just undoubtedly bumped into the village idiot and shuffled off in the other direction….

Even Tesco have tax and spend hard-wired into their psyche, as when they announced that they were giving back over half a billion of rates relief to government – for the government to promptly destroy!

Now Tesco may have been aware that this is likely to put pressure on their competitors and deflect from their own shareholders’ large dividends (even when some of those will in fact be Tesco staff).

But it is such an enormous sum I would have thought that they might have been better regarded if they’d created their own charitable foundation – or even just distributed it widely to good causes – of which there seem to be an ever increasing supply….

They’d be right , of course, if they thought that that was the job of government and should not be theirs.

It is just unfortunate that the government itself doesn’t really seem to think it’s their job either…


  1. Bill Hughes -

    Very impressive, leaves our politicians looking like complete idiots to put up with this Brexit pantomime.

  2. Bill Hughes -

    Oops, I meant the above comment o go on the above post about Europe (though the topic is related).

    1. Peter May -

      And so are the politicians…

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