State underfunding has consequences for justice

I don’t intend to write much about this but I think that this travesty in the short, linked article below is well worth highlighting:

What public interest was there in prosecuting Supt Robyn Williams for possessing a video she never wanted?

This is a black woman – just with 36 years of unblemished Police service, being prosecuted for not looking at a pornographic video.

The article says ” a law designed to catch online paedophiles has instead trapped a pillar of society.”

The Crown Prosecution Service has definitely done us all a disservice. Probably in their underfunded state, in order to go for easy hits, in an effort to keep their statistics positive?

So just another consequence of austerity…

I do hope that she is able to appeal successfully.


  1. Andrew Dickie -

    I regret to say that, given the non-prosecution of the others – was it 16 – who also received this forbidden video, and the prominence and achievement of Superintendent Robyn Williams, this has all the appearance of a “Jim Crow” prosecution, to keep an “uppity black” in her place.

    Not only should her conviction be quashed, an enquiry into the CPS’s actions in this matter should be set in train immediately.

    1. Samuel Johnson -

      I recommend the book Secret Barrister published anonymously if you want to understand the state of the justice system. It’s a horrific read, beautifully written. A recurring theme is how the complacency of those who assume “it could not happen to them” (mistreatment ending in injustice) is unwarranted. This dystopian episode underlines the point.

  2. Bill Hughes -

    I totally agree. This is the sort of case that the civil liberties organisation Liberty should take up. They have just produced an excellent election manifesto “I believe in a better society” where they outline some challenges such as migrants’ rights, criminalising poverty, mass surveillance, discriminatory policing, access to justice and protecting human rights.

  3. Peter May -

    I agree with both! Particularly the non prosecution of others. For me, that is an absolute scandal. A further gross injustice – what is the CPS playing at?

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