Recent broadcasts that may have passed you by…

A brief selection up of some recent, interesting videos and radio broadcasts, starting with this lovely 90 second introduction by Caroline Lucas in the recent BBC ‘leaders’ debate from Cardiff. Even if you watched it, as this was right at the start, I’d certainly forgotten just how incisive it was..

Then there is this vox pop from Novara Media in – yes – the City of London! Now it starts with the normal selection of people who are too busy or preoccupied to give more than a one word reply – or even any reply at all. Then there is the chap is who is City old school, with views to match. If you want to cut to the chase the interesting bits start 4 minutes in:

It would be ironic indeed if the financial services sector swung it for Labour!

Then, lastly, there is this wide-ranging interview with Steve Keen from a man called Tony Gosling, who I think is working for a local radio station in Bristol. This piece, which covers the Institute for Fiscal studies, exporting and importing, Modern Monetary Theory, debt and most spaces in between is, I suggest, well worth 38 minutes of your time – and as it’s radio, you can even be scrubbing the vegetables at the same time…


  1. Bill Hughes -

    Yes wholly agree, what refreshing and encouraging bits of media coverage compared with the mostly boring and repetitive nonsense mostly churned out by the MSM with such Tory bias.

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