Public Health England is being used…

I’m in contact with someone who works for Public Health England and we seem to have discovered suspicious and dark reasons for failing to disclose the testing figures :

Just look at this thread – basics are below:

This is government corruption where the unelected Cummings remunerates his pals and where local government doesn’t get the information it is entitled to. Testing information is available confidentially to Directors of Public Health but is not to disclosed to the public.

Who is Cummings working for? It certainly isn’t the public.

It looks as though the intention could be to monetise this information or in due course perhaps to use it for political purposes.

The Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC), run by an ex-spy and Old Etonian with no medical background, seems to me to be no more than a Cummings and Elliot plot.

The ‘notes’ say something of what they want for the JBC:

Decreasing daily incidence of symptomatic cases in all regions across the UK until the target acceptable incidence is reached, then incidence kept below that target. This target is yet to be specified and needs to be spelt out. We suggest 1000 new symptomatic swab +ve cases per day in the UK.

I love the ‘suggest’ – on what basis? Not exactly scientific is it? They conclude:

With the magnitude of this challenge comes an opportunity to build a new system that will allow better responses to a whole range of public health challenges.

So that’s another power grab and centralised control by Cummings who is taking advantage of the crisis and putting a spy in charge…

The Russian asset that is the waffling haystack is, I suspect, only dimly aware of what is going on and is quite happily being used as long he has only occasionally to look round and and do some spaffing.

Because it seems he has neither the energy nor the wit, nor the inclination to do much else.

But we should all be watching Cummings like hawks…


  1. Gerry Toner -

    The government is ‘corrupt’ as you say but if that is so why are PHE silent? There’s a lot of ‘ordinary’ and ‘not so ordinary’ people dying but the ‘good people’ of PHE are silent. It is not now that PHE is being played. It has always been played. Its job is to support policy. It just happens today policy is run by madmen. I think one thing to learn is that the government [this one and the next one and all future governments] should have nothing to do with something called Public Health England. PHE should have a covenant with the public as its priority and not with the government. The Government in UK does not represent the public; it has not done so in a hundred years or more. It is a minority cadre pursuing the interests of its cohorts. PHE needs a wake up.

    1. Peter May -

      Thanks -good point. PHE is arm’s length but always supports government policy….

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