Outsourcing political decisions can be dangerous for democracy

Something else this ‘mysterious’ Professor of Eighteenth Century Studies from the University of Indiana, Bloomington, said was:

Money, like law, is a POLITICAL creation and (like law) it works most smoothly (if not fairly) when it is not recognized as such. Depoliticised money/law means we have something uniting us.

This may be a form of unity but isn’t a representative democracy supposed to unite us?

Depoliticising money is an odd concept, when it is created by the (political) government we elect.

When we depoliticise it, we put the bankers in charge and it becomes a scarce commodity.

Indeed depoliticising money is really what the neoliberal deceit is all about. We are meant to think we have no control over the money that is or is not available. It may unite us – but only, alas, in our shared misunderstandings.

Money is nowadays a method of directing resources – so really goes to the heart of any democracy.

Depoliticised law is probably a less difficult concept to grasp – particularly from an American view, when in America judges are often elected or are political appointees. Britain appoints hers rather more subtly and surrepticiously – via a Judicial Appointments Commission.

But of course judges always have a certain ability to make law. My idea used to be that they were wise after the event whilst deceiving everyone that they knew all along. But I now think that they are rather better than that. Although I have some sympathy with the basic thread of the current Reith Lecturer, the ex Supreme Court Judge, Jonathan Sumption, I think that centuries of the common law show that by drawing on tradition and common practice the law has been ‘improved’.

Yet we still have the idea of judicial review and of course the European Court of Human Rights, which is mostly outsourcing lawmaking. But this is not just the Separation of Powers – it is the Balance of powers.

We really do need a judicial balance.

But we don’t need a monetary balance.

The law is about justice.

Money is about resources.

So outsourcing specialist justice is a much better idea than outsourcing the specialist (creation of) money.




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