Now no money left

At last, are we getting to the realisation that money is created by government will – or as currently, whim?

I admire Andy Burnham’s stand. As he says ‘please remember: GM-based businesses have been under these restrictions for 10 weeks with no support.’ So he admits his realisation has come rather late.

It looks as though he can be pushed so far – but no further. I’m sure all Greater Manchester business is supporting him – and so ought we all…

Even Euro countries are offering furlough for 2 years so there is no feasable excuse for Sunak to be saying he is short of money especially as (unlike the Eurozone) the UK government is actually the sole creator of £ Sterling – and so can produce it at will.

Currently to the eternal shame of government and those who voted for it, it has chosen not to do so.

Hancock has suggested Burnham is playing politics, whereas in fact it is the Chancellor, Sunak, ex merchant banker and hedgefunder, who is really doing the playing politics.

Both Andy Burnham and Sunak are proving irrefutably that money is power.

And that is why how, by whom, and why it is created is such an essential understanding if a democracy is to function.