NHS ‘religion’

I happened to be out yesterday at the clapping hour – something I’m afraid I have not hitherto indulged in.

I think it would be far more admirable if we gave all keyworkers a pay increase – something that Tesco and Aldi have already done – as too, remarkably, have Tory controlled Devon County council.

Yet we still await any action from central government to increase NHS pay. Something France has managed to do – even though they have what is, effectively, a half foreign central bank.

Admirable too, are the clapping side effects – I never realised a near neighbour was quite so good on the saxaphone and, as you may imagine the clapping resumed for a different reason….

And yet, as is often claimed, the NHS is a religion. Perhaps. But I’m pretty certain those that call it that are the ones that would love to privatise it.

The NHS is certainly precious, and as so many of our politicians are partially educated in American universities they seem to think that America is a model (currently about 26 million unemployed and counting) worth following. Progressives surely need to be making efforts to promote the understanding how the NHS is really funded.

And we need to realise that if we cannot care for each other we will never properly flourish and prosper.


  1. Bongo -

    Nice segue from the NHS to America. Next time, please segue from the NHS to Germany. That devolved SHI system with high private provision seems to be doing better than both.

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