Needing a more circular economy…

Last time I went to the dump I was dumbfounded by the amount of electronic and electrical waste – all thrown in and dumped in skips that were open to the elements – except seemingly for fridges which have a special undercover container – I imagine in order to more effectively recover fluorocarbons.

Anyone who is unable to travel to the local dump will have to put their electrical equipment in the dustbin, where it usually goes either for landfill or incineration.

Sussex University has pointed out that many such items (including, they suggest, copper!) are, or will be in short supply if we are to keep up with climate change ‘improvements’. In the cicumstances shouldn’t we be insisting on the household collection of these items?

There are small quanities of precious metals in electronic equipment so recycling them should actually be good for the balance of payments and might even encourage more British manufacturing.

There is interesting stuff on the circular economy from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in a 98 page report here. It concentrates on the commercial advantage to companies of that circular system rather than what they call ‘take-make-dispose’ economy, which is interesting in itself, but I think we have arrived at an environmental place where it is not the commercial advantage but the planet’s advantage that has become more important.