Milliband on form as he criticises Sunak

This is the sort of thing, I suggest, that people are looking for from Starmer – but his lawyer’s training seems to leave him cold and unmotivated by comparison with Ed Milliband’s visceral sentiment:

And another different and shorter extract here:

Even before we discovered we had 9% inflation, Ed Milliband does a much better job at demolishing Sunak’s chancellorship than Rachel Reeves, who always seems to me a corporate and very much a ‘household’ shadow chancellor.

Ed Milliband may or may not be some or all of those things – but it is clear that he actually feels things and so, I suggest, inspires hope.

The current Labour shadow cabinet line-up really needs a lot more of this.


  1. Andrew Dickie -


    It’s clear Ed has learned a lot, and grown in stature.

    Maybe that is because he is no longer constrained by being LOTO, but IMO he’d make a better LOTO now than he did then.

    Also, IMO, he’d make a better LOTO and PM in waiting than the current pig in a poke the Labour electorate have ended up with!

  2. Andrew Dickie -

    “Labour membership and electorate” would be more accurate.

    1. Peter May -

      Much agree with your sentiments…

  3. Andrew -

    Older and wiser. 52 now, not 40 like he was in 2010. Perhaps it is time for a Miliband comeback?

    (For those who are counting, Starmer will be 60 in September, and Johnson will be 58 in a months time – must remember to buy a cake.)

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