Media myopia isn’t the only crime – but it is one of the worst

While all eyes are turned upon the possibility of preventing a proroguing of Parliament (the spoof twitter account ‘Not Boris Johnson’ is currently thanking the 274 MPs who voted in favour of him closing down Parliament and running a dictatorship instead, whilst ‘Our future our choice’ has, wonderfully, dubbed Johnson as Trump with a Thesaurus), we may have missed the amazing rise in the crime figures.

The ONS shows that in the last four years (ONS Recorded Crime Data, changes between Mar 2015 and Mar 2019) the figures are pretty alarming and even more so for a party that claims it is the party of law and order:-  violent crime is up 115%, sexual crime is up 83%, knife crime is up 77%, robbery is up 71%, firearms crime is up 36%, vehicle theft is up 34% and homicide is up by 30%. The total overall increase in crime over the period is a mere 43%.

One has to wonder whose law and whose order are the Conservatives looking after?

Meanwhile even the BBC has shown that the crime detection rate is now derisory and demonstrates all too clearly that the Conservative idea that prison works, even if it was ever true (and there is no compelling evidence), is not even worth a second thought when 92% of offenders are never found out! This is the graphic (click to enlarge):

and shows, the legacy of ex Home Secretary, Theresa May’s wish to reduce police numbers which was not going to affect, I seem to recall, either crime or detection.

This was always for the birds. And, unsurprisingly, the statistics show the idea to be deluded.

The reduction in police numbers by more than 20,000 since 2010 and yet with a concomitantly rising population, has changed policing in the UK into a largely reactive model. The community policing, which used to be the UK Police’s USP, has been lost in large measure because there are not the spare officer numbers to engage with the public in anything more than essential services. That means that much local information – so called intelligence – has been lost because police no longer have time to engage with residents’ associations, schools, youth clubs and so on. Thus, at the same time as crime possibilities are increased, detection possibilities are reduced. Such a clever ploy…

Indeed the council has probably since closed the youth club, as it is not a statutarily required service, so with the reduction in government funding many have been effectively abolished.

All the good work of previous (Labour) administrations has thus been undone. Purposely.

With what end in view I cannot understand.

Do Conservatives think these results of their cuts to be a public good?

Do they really believe that money is short?

Are they proud that Tory run Northamptonshire council went bust?

We never hear of what they think of the results of their cuts – only that in five years time they’ll be increasing expenditure to somewhere near where it used to be.

The media never somehow seem to manage to call out any of this devious drivel.

We live in unfortunate times when our ‘democratic’ and electoral systems are so unfit for purpose and yet so too is our fourth estate.