Making being out of work pay

The Chancellor’s welcome support for the self-employed may be comprehensive, but it is way, way too late. If it does not kick in before June that could be 9 or 10 weeks away and in the meantime all that is available is Universal Credit which, at £94 a week, offers intermittent penury as much as support. Add to this the fact that 1 in 4 people don’t have any savings, and often the self-employed regard their business as the repository of their savings, this is going to be an even more difficult time than it should be for many.

Without decent support, people will feel obliged to preserve their income in some way and may risk keeping working whilst putting their own and other people’s health at risk.

Although Sunak has recently increased Universal Credit by £20 there is still an unnecessary five week delay when nothing is paid.

This is where the Tories seem incapable of thinking-through their pre-conceived ideologies. It is as if, in signing up to support Brexit before the election, they were also forced to take the empathy bi-pass pill.

What was Duncan-Smith’s scheme to encourage people into work and ‘make work pay’ now needs to be a scheme to encourage people not to work and make being out of work pay.

If they really want to stop an epidemic, that is.


  1. Bill Hughes -

    Yes you would have thought that support for self-employed people would come sooner rather than in June. As many self-employed such as those in the building trades are often quite right-wing ie a magical belief in “free enterprise” and avoiding tax paying and are natural Tory or Brexit voters. Why is Sunak shooting himself in the foot?

    1. Peter May -

      Short answer is, I fear, because he’s a banker…

  2. Gerry Toner -

    If we are all in a survival game then the rules would be applied immediately and universally; if there are one hundred people we would all share the same riak and each have 1% of the rewards available and no argument, IMMEDIATELY. Johnson the Toad and Sunak the Uriah Heep are clowning about maintaining their own fatuous reputations [created by credulous fauning media] blind to the facts we can all see they have the wits of madmen. If our survival group where in a boat Johnson and Sunak would be overboard.

    1. Richard B -

      Somewhat stretching your analogy, but in the current situation 10 of the people on the boat believe that they deserve more than the others. They’ve connived with 40 of the largest and most muscular to ensure they get it.

      They start by picking on the smallest and weakest and when that doesn’t suffice, they pick on all the others. Eventually unrest upsets the boat and everyone drowns.

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