‘Living with Covid’ probably means dying sooner of something else

This was an interesting tweet from a Dr Kelly from the University of Queensland and summarises what most of us who are not health professionals (or at least me) have never thought of:

So the government suggestion of living with Covid from now on is possible only if you revise your health provision to include a doubling of Intensive Care Provision. As it takes about six years to train a doctor (and doubtless longer for those who work in Intensive Care) then if we are to be required to live with Covid now we have six years of – in effect – dying sooner of something else – and that is even if we begin training those extra doctors now.

Something of which there is absolutely no sign of government starting.

It will be argued that vaccinations have reduced the link between Covid and ICU admission. But it has not eliminated it – and serious cases still require lengthy stays.

This dramatic thread on being an ICU nurse shows how the NHS is, even now, tottering on the brink.

Government needs, even at this very late stage to be looking for quick wins – with as a start, a substantial increase for all NHS staff, just as a way of showing that they are appreciated.

We then have to promote health and well-being and fast.

The two most important diseases are obesity and mental health. Obesity is an indication of a heightened risk for Covid and poor mental health an indication of heightened risk for physical disease as well.

I suggest we need to act decisively:

Close down all soft drink manufacturers – the major source of of the empty calories that contribute so much to the obesity of the nation. Staff can all go on furlough for a year so we can check that the weight and diabetes reduction works. Maybe some staff can switch to bottling water – if necessary in highly coloured cans…

Subsidise all vegetable fresh produce.

Subsidise the creation of market gardens, which are smaller, more local, more diverse – with less monoculture and machinery, and less likely to need chemical interventions.

Mental health would be improved by increasing security – financial and emotional.

That means increasing social security payments to equal the best in Europe and increasing staff numbers and facilities in social services to similarly high levels.

If life is important then that little lot should start to help to better protect it…

If it isn’t, then this government would undoubtedly seem to have the proper plans…