Liberty, Equality and Accountability

No, Fraternity, isn’t part of this….

Nonetheless, I suggest this is a very powerful conclusion by Billy Bragg in an interesting podcast with the lawyer Adam Wagner, in which they talk about ‘agency’.

I thought it very incisive as they, quite correctly in my view, suggest that neoliberalism gives ‘agency’ to both businessmen and ‘markets’ and not to democracy.

This very much emphasises the lack of voting power pointed out in my previous piece on the voting system, which, when it is so crude, destroys ‘agency’ and – simultaneously – democracy. There can be no respect for politics when there is no realistic or reasonable outcome that respects the diverse opinions that are inherent in any democracy. And which also seems to allow major financial contributors to have undue influence over outcomes.

Billy Bragg has significant original points: democracy is not agency. After all Putin has (supposedly) free elections. It just depends – as in Britain, how they are organised. The Tories recently having gained favour from just 19% of the electorate, and would be most unlikely to be in government if we had a more democratic voting system…

Bragg suggests that Liberty and Equality are much the same without ‘Accountabilty’ and I think he is correct. Liberty without Equality simply represents privilege.

The ‘Freedom’ in Liberty and Equality is basically the clear responsibility to actually reciprocate Liberty.

Whereas Accountabilty actually gives Freedom its basis.

Meanwhile ‘Political Correctness’ seems to be a scam, which gives the unprogressive, a method of deflection.

This, as he says. does not mean that capitalism is worthless, but like fire, it has to be controlled – otherwise rather than just giving you heat and light it will actually result in destroying everything.

Particularly bearing in mind the comparison, we are, I fear, currently in the postion of seeing how precisely it gets on….