Government for wimps

This is the basics of an email I intend to send to a very organised and on the ball small businesswoman whose husband has just, unfortunately – and remarkably to me, given that he works in construction – lost his job during this pandemic.

I didn’t find it easy and if anyone has any comments I am happy to take them on board – but I fear this sort of situation is going to become something we all face – more and more.

“So very sorry to hear that your husband has been made redundant. That must be very problematic at this particularly difficult time and you both have my sympathy.

But do please realise that neither you nor your husband are dependant on taxpayers’ money or benefits or anything like that. Your monetary claim(s) are actually rights and entirely part of the collective whole.

The thoughts below are suggested as a sort of personal psychological improvement programme in order to steel yourself for the unemployment interview – when, in due course, it comes.

When you know how the economy works you feel rather better about claiming unemployment benefit – now, of course, the heavily psychologically angled, so-called Jobseeker’s Allowance.

If the government had any guts it would organise the world so you could have a job and happily survive at any level – rather than be a long time seeking one.  Normally it is suggested that jobseeking is vital and if you’re not doing it – then that is really for wimps.

Jobseeking is actually an idea for those that have never had to – it is one entirely for people in government or the media who have flowed effortlessly through good fortune – or connections – or both – into well-paid jobs.

We should think rather that if, in fact, so much ‘jobseeking’ is required then that means government is for wimps.

Government creates money out of thin air and can and should organise the economy so that we can all have jobs and are able get things done – and goodness knows, there are lots of tasks currently to do.

As it looks as though there is a prevailing view (which I share) that we shall all be consuming less of the world’s resources (and also that that is actually what the environment requires) then that means that personal and labour intensive personal care will be more obviously available and indeed something that is definitely more required.

Additionally we must hope that there is now not quite enough labour required to fulfill a four day week….

Because we don’t actually need all these long hours.

Even if we do all need basic labour, we do not need any money based or financial justification.

We just need money to work collectively for us and not in order for any financial pseudo-justification of how we behave.

We need to remember that taxpayers do not pay for anything at all. The taxpayers’ money is actually that that the government has already created – so is in fact the tax receiver’s money.

Don’t feel intimidated – it is our collective money which you need to fall back on and that is by mutual right as a member of society!

Hope this helps


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