Four day week?

I used to think that we’d get a Basic Income out of this Covid Crisis – but I wonder now if perhaps it might be a four day week instead?

Currently either would be a considerable improvement…

Business is apparently open to it, even Conservatives are – and also, unsurprisingly, employees.

Certainly with the reduced requirements of the Covid affected economy, now would surely be the moment to reduce the working week for everyone in order to reduce unemployment – even if the actual workplace has to open for longer than four days.

I’m delighted that employers seem to be engaged in radical thinking.

Will Stronge, director of research at the think tank ‘Autonomy’ was quoted as saying:

The UK has a unique opportunity to be a pioneer for the four day week and it’s about time we get on with it.

It is certain that the UK originally helped to pioneer the weekend so surely ‘Global Britain’ could also pioneer the four day week?

As ever, we need our less than dazzling government to actually summon up the resources to achieve it….