Financialised capitalism simply misunderstands living

I think this is worth highlighting, simply because it shows how crude capitalism misunderstands life’s purpose.

Like the economy capitalism exists to service the needs of people. Of course we then come round to which people? I would say people in general. Most ardent capitalists maintain that this is anyway the effect of capitalism. But it isn’t – it depends on the rules.

With climate warming we are seeing that the capitalism we now endure is very ill-suited to the needs of all the population because it disregards the value of the environment and further fails to take account of the need for everyone of us, as a matter of living, for decent food and proper shelter.

The thread on Basic Income starts:

Common anti-UUBI [I think this stands for Universal and Unconditional Basic Income] argument: “But what if people don’t work?!” So? How is this a problem for you? Why do you feel it’s your role to police people’s employment? Oh, the old “My hard earned money going to lazy people…” canard. Guess what? That’s a lie.

Regular readers will know that it is always a lie because government creates out of thin air, so “my” money in fact never was “mine” but always the government’s. In a modern state that is, along with defence and justice, one of the three reasons for the government’s existence.

But other reasons are worth noting, too, as the thread continues.

There is absolutely NO human being in most of the world, who is not existing in some way *through the work of others*. Everyone is dependent on others to survive, somehow. You, YES YOU, are existing the way you do because of someone else’s labor.

Or one might say we all stand, if not on the shoulders of giants then just others:

The odds of someone leaving paid employment, and then turning into the Guinness Book of World Records Couch Potato for the rest of their life is *infinitesimally small*. Human beings like to DO THINGS, and given the chance they do things that bring them joy.

Our heavily capitalist society has turned the human desire to DO into “Humans have to be working in paid employment to feel fulfilled, worthy and dignified.” and that’s the BIGGEST LIE of all. It’s turned us into drones, not humans.

If hard work was so very desirable then there wouldn’t so many right wing conservatives who are into wealth management – often their own – but if not then somebody else’s is fine.. Proper work is certainly not what they are looking for – a cushy life sponging off the work of others is much more like it.

I might conclude that almost all measures to support the less well off in our society is surrounded by rampant conditionality. But when government gives tax breaks to the wealthy, it is simply for encouragement – usually to ‘promote’ investment – and there is simply no conditionality all.

In that way UBI can be seen as more like a Universal Unconditional Tax Break…

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