Factory farming in the dock

There is fresh research on the origin of covid-19, showing that it could not have started in the so-called wet markets of Wuhan because it was actually discovered before the first cases appeared there.

Factory farming is, however, in the dock much as was pointed out in the various comments (for which, thank you all) on a previous piece speculating on the origins of this pandemic. As Jeremy GH suggested slums for animals are just as dangerous as they are for humans.

It now looks as though we have another very good reason to ban such farming practices – to add to those of enhanced methane production (which is way more important than that of grass-fed animals) and animal cruelty.

I certainly agree with the article’s conclusion:

Anyone who aims to understand why viruses are becoming more dangerous must investigate the industrial model of agriculture and, more specifically, livestock production. At present, few governments, and few scientists, are prepared to do so.