Dire news for theatres and bad news for the rest of us

Cameron Mackintosh, the theatre impresario, knows which side his bread is buttered.

The Guardian reports that:

Mackintosh, his producing partners and Delfont Mackintosh Theatres are starting a process of consultation over potential redundancies for all employees on the four productions. [  Les MisérablesMary PoppinsHamilton and The Phantom of the Opera ]

Mackintosh said that despite the government engaging with “desperate pleas from everyone in the theatre industry”, there had been no “tangible, practical support beyond offers to go into debt”.


Government seems to prefer that its friends in banking who create money out of thin air to lend at interest, should have every preference – rather than government itself creating money out of thin air as an interest free grant.

Quite why anyone should be agreeing to go voluntarily into debt I don’t understand. Johnson has said f*** business and this certainly is its realisation in practice.

Mackintosh’s business is highly successful and a major export earner and yet in desperation he is now having to make people redundant.

In just whose interest does this government operate?

Because it certainly doesn’t seem to be that of those it nominally governs.

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