‘De-stress’ – by ditching neoliberalism

There is some interesting, if highly disturbing, research indicating that suffering stress during childhood ‘worsens ability to deal with it in later life’.

Researchers found people who suffered high levels of anxiety at a young age had abnormal responses to stress in adulthood.

Cortisol levels normally peak when we wake up and decrease steadily during the day.

But the research showed childhood trauma “dysregulated” the system controlling its release.

This effect was only seen in adults undergoing high levels of stress having suffered it as children….one of the ways that our brains respond to daily stressors is by releasing the hormone Cortisol [creating]… health consequences that last into adulthood.

Normally we are told that the government must not be indebted because leaving debts to our grandchildren is irresponsible.

We now know that this is bunkum, but because we have swallowed this deceit we have in fact – in order to reduce government debt – purposely impoverished our children or possibly our grandchildren by the restriction of child benefits,  enforcement of a five week wait before universal credit is paid and so on. This impoverishes the already poor and puts them under even greater stress.

So we are purposely stressing those children who will be our future. We are creating children who will mature into vulnerable adults on the basis of a myth about government indebtedness. Then the system goes on to increase stress with more than 5 million of us in insecure and uncertain jobs or , if not that, by simply requiring students to be indebted just to receive a further education.

How anyone could ever imagine that this is a sensible way to run a country is beyond me.

I come back to my usual dilemma of are they cruel or just stupid?


  1. MigT -

    It’s the economic equivalent of alpha primates making random, unprovoked attacks on lower status (mostly) males. Keeps ’em scared and sick.

    The good news is that even chimps sometimes revolt.

  2. Peter May -

    I suppose we can hope!

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