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This is from a twitterer which amused me:

Owing to the worsening situation, I’ve upgraded the musical accompaniment for my hand washing to Wagner’s Ring Cycle. Doesn’t leave much time for anything else, but safety first…

Yet, joking apart, the UK prevention system for Covid-19 seems highly ‘individual’ and even somewhat suspect (see below):

With the infamous European Union precautionary principle – which I’m not aware that anyone has ever coherently argued against – we are “taking it on the chin” according to Johnson. Yet now, the spread is being put into practice under the pretext of achieving “herd immunity.” Yet surely herd immunity only works when the herd has been vaccinated?

Otherwise don’t we call it natural selection? And with a quasi flu virus that is likely to regularly mutate surely there is no effective herd immunity?

And even then surely a regular everyday vaccine is unlikely to be successful?

True we need to prevent a large quantity of people falling victim to the worst effects of Covid-19 and the crucial point is to ‘flatten the curve’ – meaning health services aren’t absolutely inundated – as they currently are in Italy.

With social isolation, we would be likely to prevent much transmission but unlikely to gain herd immunity unless the virus somehow failed to mutate.

But why on earth isn’t social distancing part of government recommendations?

I have had cause to suggest that locally, various social trips should not go forward as intended and indeed Labour party meetings generally seem to have been suspended just like the local elections.

This, of course, is an indication of individual ‘micro’ decisions as opposed to collective ones. It is woefully unfortunate that we have a government that doesn’t believe in its own social purpose.

And if you are a business, or even dealing with one, it is not only financial stress but also mental stress where ‘our’ government seems to believe you are completely on your own.


  1. Bill Hughes -

    It is indeed a sobering situation where the goverment first failed to recognise the implications of the virus in Dececember/January and when it became glaringly obvious we are on an exponential expansion of cases only the mildest of measures are suggested. Only a massive programme of testing and recuperation centres in every local authority will go anywhere near containing the spread of the outbreak.

    1. Peter May -

      Agreed. At least now the gov’t seems to be back pedalling on the herd immunity as a basic strategy saying it has been misunderstood and is just a useful bi-product, tho as by all accounts antidodies survive only for about 3 or 4 months I’m not sure how useful,

  2. B Gray -

    U.S. was also late to the party at the federal level, but individual states are ramping up social distancing at a breathtaking pace. I am in Michigan and within the last 3 days, I have been mandated (by my company) to work virtual office from home, and the state closed all public/private schools and banned public gatherings >250. From today, all bars, restaurants, cafes will be closed, except for take away and delivery, in addition to gyms, coffee houses, movie theaters, indoor/outdoor performance & sports venues, and casinos. Only thing allowed to stay open will be grocery stores, pharmacies, offices (as necessary), manufacturing sites, warehouse/distribution centers, medical facilities, and residential care centers. Strange times indeed.

    1. Peter May -

      Interesting … do you have panic buying of toilet roll as in the UK?!

  3. B Gray -

    Absolutely – toilet paper and all other paper products, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and sprays, bread, pasta and other non-perishables mostly – stores are starting to limit hours so that they can restock. Perishable type foods don’t seem to be a problem. Many small retail stores are also starting to close, even though not mandated to do so. Stay safe all.

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