Could the money message learn from Mick Lynch?

This is a compilation of Mick Lynch’s interviews, which gives the general idea of the technique…

Skip if you already know it..

The folksy straight talking style which does not accept many of the parameters of the framing of the question posed would fit the bill for talking about money admirably.

Calling the Conservatives liars is not a bad scheme either.

But do we have any politicians capable of pulling that off? Most of them are so educated that they do not have ability or the desire to throw up all the generally accepted framing and start again by paying attention to all the things we are generally told are highly complex – when, in fact, they aren’t.

Indeed I’m beginning to wonder if higher ‘education’ (Lynch is said to have left school at 16 and became an electrician, which is no unskilled task…) is not actually hindering our understanding of the world.

Much of it (particularly, I suggest in economics) tends to parrot received wisdom without encouraging original thinking.

We just have to hope that students’ economically unjustified indebtedness leads to a realisation that it is, indeed, unjustified..

And that they realise that a vote for the Conservatives is actually a vote for the past – a vote for zero hours contracts or what used to be workhouses and sweatshops.

The money message has, obviously, à la Mick Lynch, to throw out all the received wisdom.

We’ll have to see – it is probably early days.

But it could be that if Mick Lynch continues in the manner of his current success then it may not be long before the media will find ways to deem him an antisemite…

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