conservatives might show Labour the way…

…as this comment from Richard Drax (who owns, poor chap, only 2% of the land in Dorset) suggests:

An interesting insight that a right wing MP thinks that Thursday’s ‘mini’ budget (too little and too late though it was) will, next time round, give the socialists excuses to spend – and we cannot possibly have that can we?

This is pure Tory ideology.

I remember when it used to be left-wingers who were denounced as impractical ideologues.

Now the boot is on the other foot.

Furthermore if the progressive left would only properly understand money they would understand that they really don’t need any ideology at all – they can just decide within the actual overall resources available whether they want to care for people or not.

Current government is desperately worried it seems to me, that after Covid expenditure and now this supplementary emergency budget, ‘fiscal responsibility’ will be exposed for the sham that it is. They are fearful that it might be revealed as just an idea and not a fact.

As Josh Ryan Collins has pointed out, that (entirely bogus) ‘fiscal responsibility’ actually bears no relation to fiscal practice.

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