Clever enough to ‘create’ food and stupid enough to eat it

The title refers to a conclusion from a Zoe Harcombe lecture on meat – as an ex vegetarian, I suggest her conclusion on ‘creative’ meat carries even more weight….

Food nutrition is probably the least of it. Having to eat something – anything – has begun to be just as important. We now have more foodbanks than branches of McDonald’s and Burger King combined. I’m sure Mr Rees-Mogg is welling with Christian pride…

But what the lecture also, tangentally, suggests is that if we are that stupid and misled about our everyday essential staple, food, then there is every possibility we could also be equally stupid about – say – economics.

It just seems to take the right ‘influencing’ – for either food or economics. And, regrettably, as the Johnson Conservative, potential new government seem to have very few ideas, such influencing will fall on fertile ground…

The polls seem to suggest we are on track to elect a body of people who have a distinctly blinkered general vision, which is devoid of insight on human progresss, yet who have a very firm vision for maintaining their own personal power.

We seem to be discovering that, even if we can somehow keep the food that we eat, healthy, our ‘democracy’, flawed though it long has been, is in an even more fragile and vulnerable state than many had realised.


  1. Bill Hughes -

    We are what we eat and we are what we vote. Both phenomena are strongly influenced by the power of big business and the PR and advertising resources they control. Whether this be by the dominance of chemical/industrial/factory farming and a food industry that maxes out on the use of additives and almost completely ignores the need for a the healthy diet by overuse of sugar, salt and fats. Similarly our warped electoral system of first past the post and winner takes all. Our one hope is that Labour, if successful ,can change things for the better with a strong Green Party urging them on.

    1. Peter May -

      Absolutely agree!

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