Capturing democratic thought

Farage has intimated numerous times that he thinks ‘our’ democracy is broken, without, as usual, ever outlining what to do about it – except of course getting the ‘Brexit Party’ to fight the next election. Farage’s solutions are much as Macbeth thought about life – full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Even so, let us not forget that you can never be a member of the Brexit Party but only a ‘supporter’ because the Brexit Party is not a party but a company. This seems to the logical pseudo-democratic conclusion to corporatism. You can only ever support at one remove and not enter into a co-operative venture to promote your aims.

Still, hasn’t today’s politics taught us to love the free market? The idea has seduced us because when it says leave everything to the free market it suggests that governments are not necessary. Markets, we have been taught, produce a quick, automatic Darwinian outcome, which is bound to be socially beneficial.

Additionally governments are tainted by the law, which ultimately is coercive – how much more appealing to state that we are stupid to bother with all this stuff because if we stand back socially good things simply happen automatically.

At every stage this belief, which most now sum up as ‘Neoliberal Capitalism’, serves to sidetrack, stultify or just render powerless, democracy – even one as currently broken as Britain’s is.

So our current economic system actually helps to keep democracy broken.

But democracy gets the blame, not our economic system.

It is true that democracy ultimately controls the economic system but when the economy is supposedly and widely thought to be unalterable and with Darwinian outcomes then there is clearly little point in meddling with it.

We have been duped. There is a giant smokescreen fogging the way to any general understanding.

So Brexit ‘Party’ (from the Old French word meaning a share or portion!) ‘supporters’ can only ever be supporters. They may want it, but they can never actually be part of the thing they seem to crave. They cannot and never will be, in control.

They’ve been duped too.

It is bad enough when the corporations capture our existing parties which they may well have probably already achieved, but allowing them to set up their own is even more brazen.

They are the ones breaking our democracy.