Budgetary Sleight of Hand

This is rather a good video from Momentum. It is in the same vein as Simon Wren-Lewis’s suggestion that Conservative budgetary aims are based on deceit not ignorance:



The one extra point that Sam here points out is that reducing taxes in order to harness its supposed ability to free up private investment, offers no guarantees. Leaving tax alone but creating instead a National Investment Bank precisely offers that investment guarantee.

In addition such a scheme serves all our interests and not just private, commercial ones. Ones, which have, so far, overwhelmingly failed to deliver.


  1. Paul Wright -

    This is brilliant – more please Momentum.

    Thanks Progressive Pulse I read you everyday, like Richard Murphy’s blog, but this one is not quite so breathless.

    Thanks Peter, Sean, Charles, Andy, Ivan, Andrew et al great blog

    1. Peter May -

      Many thanks.

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