Borderline psychotic…

The FT reports that ‘Nightingale’ hospitals are to return (in fact they’ve not entirely left – both Manchester and Exeter are still using them – but ironically not for Covid purposes. I suspect their managements have taken the money and run…)

Still, let us be grateful that, after Javid said there was a worldwide shortage of Lateral Flow tests, Wales has played a blinder and has ‘lent’ England 4 million – because of course Welsh hospital admissions are, unlike England’s, currently declining…

And perhaps Wales has also done a little more planning…

Additionally the fact that the vast majority of ‘Nightingale’ hospitals have disappeared is an indication that the widely reported staff shortage of more than 90,000 NHS staff is, well, a more real problem.

Building Nightingales with no staff is like building a pub with not only very little booze but also precisely no barman.

It is decidedly not fit for purpose…

The staff may be present – but only and simply in Merchant Banker, Javid’s imagination…

Meanwhile in Japan, even cinemas report CO2 air quality:

Of course our own government understands little and does precisely nothing.

Obsessed by money, it does nothing even, shamefully, in schools and leaves us to make our own minds’ up – even without proper information.

Sorry this is borderline psychotic – and they are supposedly in charge of us?


  1. Schofield -

    The thing about Eton public school is that one of its purposes with pupils is to engender an exaggerated sense of their own qualities or abilities. It’s hardly surprising therefore in positions of power they are often not willing to do the legwork to check out the facts of a situation. It all becomes a game of believing they can fly by the seat of their pants and Johnson is very much the poster child for this with his well-oiled but ultimately shallow bon hommie.

    1. Peter May -

      Much agree – Cameron was similarly shallow.

  2. Richard B -

    I think they are psychopathic, rather than psychotic (here’s the difference: )
    as I believe them to be under no delusions – the Nightingale stuff is simply PR – and their actions are those of people totally lacking empathy. I also want them to be considered accountable for their actions in any court proceedings, psychotic people are not!

    Happy New Year Peter and thanks for all the mental stimulus. Much needed in 2021.

    1. Peter May -

      Good point about the psychotic, thank you.

      Hopefully ‘borderline psychotic’ would have enough borderline about it to still give them a long sentence!

      Happy New Year!

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