Beyond ideology…

This is an interesting and pretty damning (of the government) piece from the Tameside Medical Health Officer. Use the slide to start it at about 7.30 in:

I regret we are governed by people who (I seem regularly to indicate) do not have our best interests at heart.

Italy and Germany have locally run and publicly operated – and neither centralised nor privatised – Test Trace and Isolate Systems which give results within less than 24 hours. The UK Deloitte/Serco system cannot even properly trace – never mind offer a speedy result.

These are the results of the increase in infection results in some of ‘mainland Europe’ and the UK:

The UK is ‘world beating’ in so many ways that I would wish it were not….

We need desperately to finance, support and nurture local authority test, trace and isolate if we are ever reasonably to exit this pandemic.

We are decidedly ill served by our ministers who cannot see beyond their ideology.

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