Best wishes for 2022

I’m sure we will need every single one of them…

We have Brexit customs controls (imposed on ourselves!) coming fully into force tomorrow, 1 January, energy prices rising 40% and straining to be released from the energy ‘cap’, and seemingly ever more diverse Covid variants…

The new farming regime as part of Brexit, is properly starting so the Basic Payment Scheme is gradually being phased out – meaning many farmers could lose much of their income. Still at least food prices should be increasing instead….

As the Resolution Foundation puts it:

The spring looks particularly difficult, with April bringing a broad-based cost of living catastrophe affecting the vast majority of households: soaring energy bills and significant tax rises will see an annual income hit to the typical household of over £1,000.

So from April 2022 onwards we have tax rises and astronomical rises in domestic energy prices.

Don’t forget too, that many small businesses will be paying these sort of increased prices even earlier – as their market is largely unregulated. So, for example, your local pub, which you may prefer not to visit inside, will still have increased overheads for cooking, heating and lighting – even while their turnover drops precipitously.

So the outlook for 2022 is simply to pay more tax, own fewer assets – unless you are lucky enough to already own your house, or pub – and you’ll also probably need to work longer, and of course retire later, ‘enjoy’ a much smaller welfare state, and don’t forget to pay for your own elderly care on your way out…

The resolution for 2022 must be to get these details widely recognised – together with why they are virtually all unnecessary because we have all the money we need to make them so.

Above all we need properly to envisage a happy future…

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