Because we’re not worth it

I’m probably late to the party but there is a very worrying piece in the Independent where it indicates that court enforcers are to be transferred to Capita.

Apparently it will ‘save the taxpayer up to £46m over five years’, so that’s over nine million pounds a year – between us all that’s certainly less than 15p each. What joy!

That’s the same Capita, this saving phenomenon, which the same article notes, has proved completely incompetent over NHS records.

So I’m sure 14.3p a year is really worth it.

I can already feel the riches.


  1. Andrew -

    I wonder how effective the new enforcers will be at actually enforcing. As effective as the privatized bits of the probation service, perhaps?

    I wonder if the £10m annual saving might be like the “saving” from abolishing the tax disc? It was meant to save £10m of annual cost, but lost £80m of revenue due to non-compliance in the first year.

  2. Peter May -

    Quite! I cannot imagine how they will be more effective by just being privatised – so I imagine it will just create another interface to distract people from doing there real job.

  3. Ivan Horrocks -

    You may know that whenever Private Eye’s feature a story about Capita they modify it slightly to ‘Crapita’ and for good reason.

    That said we should call this for what it is: an entirely ideologically driven policy decision that as with almost all outsourcing decisions by central government and other public sector organisations is massaged to look like ‘value for money’. It has nothing to do with good governance, best practice, or what used to be held up as the benchmark for outsourcing – economy, efficiency and effectiveness. It is instead, pure, ideological shite.

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