Are we the Moneytreeists?

Having recently attended an exhibition on suffragettes I was struck by the fact that the name which we all now recognise was, it transpires, coined by none other than the ‘Daily Mail’ as a derogatory term for the suffragists.

That set me thinking on what we could call those who understand money is a social construct created out of thin air by the government (and all the while that same government keeps telling us, looking down their noses, that ‘there is no Magic Money Tree’).

Could we compare and contrast with the Monetarists and go for Moneytreeists?


  1. Richard Murphy -


    But I can’t see it catching on

  2. Peter May -

    I’ll have to work at it!

    1. Andy Crow -

      How about just ‘magicians’ ?

  3. Peter May -

    Now I have to hope that doesn’t catch on!

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