Any logic has long deserted our ‘government’

We are thoroughly misled if we believe Johnson’s idea of build, build, build is a cure for economic difficulty.

First how long does it take to build?

Second, in spite of his completely devious idea that planning issues are the problem, most developers have lots of planning permission granted land, and simply meter out the flow of building in order to keep the supply limited and prices up . So planning is a benefit to his building supporters and not a hindrance. Here he might have shot himself, not for the first time, in the foot.

Third, building takes time, as even Johnson’s London’s Garden Bridge showed, so it is not a simple economic quick hit.

Fourth, building is generally not good for the environment – so when it is eventually built it has got to be at least Passivhaus – plus.

Fifth are there enough Polish builders to undertake all this?

Sixth there is a childcare crisis. which will prevent a return to work other than in desperation, which is a result of this government’s disastrous financing and misunderstanding.

Seventh even Simon Wren Lewis suggests the government has got away with murder.

Eighth, regrettably build, build, build is decidedly not what we need during a pandemic. Johnson may be good at rhetoric but he is absolutely useless at everything else.

And as for ‘clap for bankers’, who, he suggests support our state, this woeful dissembling leads me to suggest that support for the ‘clap for bankers’ is justified only as long as it is not the variety related to applause…


  1. Bill Hughes -

    BJ likes putting on the helmet and flak jacket and walk round building sites and sit on the digger for a photo opp but has not a clue as you point out the planning and technical problems and skills required. To hint at relaxing planning controls will have the Home County nimby brigade in revolt and damage his core voter base.It is clear from the polls that people are no longer taken in by his wild rhetoric, Dominic Cummings must be losing his touch if the present circus show continues.

    1. Peter May -

      Hope so!

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