Anxiety is good for you

Said no-one ever.

But it’s what, I suggest, government thinks.

Unless we are anxious and worried, we, their electorate, allegedly, do not strive for better things….

….in, of course, a personal endeavour, for, supposedly, the benefit of all society.

A bit like Adam Smith’s invisible hand.

It is not true – and since most government members haven’t had to strive for anything much – and certainly never been in danger of having to rely on, for example, foodbanks, they really have no concept of anxiety.

By which I mean real, proper anxiety… Losing your home and potentially being on the street without food…

Of course they all think that they are so clever they would never have got to this sort of situation….

But anxiety is not good for us – yes, perhaps in short occasional bursts where the adrenaline can help flight or fight.

But regular, daily anxiety is completely disastrous for both mental and physical health.

The government has no idea.

This is part of the reason why they cruelly vow to reduce Universal Credit – regardless of consequences.

Government ministers sure are sociopathic – if not worse.

Empathy is, for them, a completely foreign country.

Additionally, we now learn from Radio 4, no less, that we not only have social media companies who are encouraging young people to comment on each other and never to stop it, but we also have a government who encourages us to strive one against another in order to better ourselves.

This is literally madness – why do we reckon that the NHS is under such pressure?

Poverty is the number one cause – both of mental anxiety – and health. And of course, consequential physical health.

Then we allow social media companies to meddle regardless with our childrens’ mental outlook…

Government now makes great play of investing in the NHS – which is, of course, entirely desirable.

For government exists for us – on our behalf.

But the government investment would need to be considerably reduced if the target was actually reducing the anxiety – or stress – in the population.

Whereas in fact government has increased stress everywhere, whether for below inflation NHS wages or for the lack of any proper care home settlement.

So they’ve increased anxiety all round.

I think it was Pozzo who said in Beckett’s 1956 ‘Waiting for Godot’ (and so in a different post war era) “I’m not sure comfort is healthy”.

That is actually the Tory problem…

They, themselves are actually very healthy and very comfortable.

But anxiety and poverty is really urgent and much, much less healthy – but it is not them, but only their electorate.

Tories of course seem to like to increase anxiety – in order to encourage the fear of poverty and thus to encourage work and a supposedly ‘vibrant’ economy.

Meanwhile what work do they themselves actually do?

I’m afraid that in this anxiety promotion, they have been mightily effective.

And still of course, the poverty is for the others – never them.

That is why it is so important to know where money comes from and to realise that poverty is a political choice.

If Professor Phil Syrpis is right – that this is a purely and simply populist government (I personally think he is right) – then they have no morals or direction other than staying in power.

So unless we make anxiety and consequently poverty, way, way too unpopular – or maybe ‘expensive’? for them to remain, then this government will be able to continue in its populist agenda.

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