Andy Verity on finding the money…

As Stephanie Kelton would put it – it is not an Easter egg hunt…

All I would add is that, whilst Andy Verity’s comments have appeared at least twice before on Twitter (here and here, for example), it is long overdue that he comments similarly when he’s on television – which, as far as I’m aware he has not so far…


  1. Andrew -

    Quite so. Spend and tax, not the other way around. Having created that “new” money, the government needs to tax some of it back, from whomever gets it. Capitalism being what it is, money tends to flow up and congregate around the capital rich super wealthy 1% or 0.1%, as well as banks, oil companies, multinational corporations, etc.

    1. Peter May -

      Many thanks for the link!

      1. Peter May -

        And on that subject – does that mean that the Guardian is at last beginnning to get it?

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