A sane response to a mad society

Is an idea from the psychologist and doctor, R.D. Laing, which was thought highly radical at the time, but I’d suggest it is now unarguable.

We are regularly told that government is increasing the spend on mental health treatment – even when it doesn’t seem to materialise…

But the real problem with mental health is not that it needs support and treating but that the problems that actually cause it need support and treating.

This is what government members, so mentally comfortable with their own riches, appear to have no conception of.

It is actually the financialised capitalist system which they support, that is responsible for so much of the mental ill-health in society.

We know that indebtedness leads to increased stress and thus mental health problems – so the five week wait before receiving Universal Credit or the loan to tide you over – amount, in fact, to government furtherance of a mental ill health promotion campaign.

To suggest that the resulting harm needs personal treatment rather than governmental treatment defies logic.

And so it was with welcome surprise that I discovered this confessional article by Aaron Bastani of Novara Media on how destructive of mental health insecure housing tenure is in Tory, libertarian Britain.

The article is well worth reading and shows that simply by changing security of tenure we could similarly transform the nation’s state of mental health.

Financialised capitalism extracts a terrible mental health cost from most members of ‘its’ society and we are all paying for it – both metaphorically and literally.

In order to give future generations hope, it is essential that this changes.