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I have looked at at a BBC Factcheck on Covid -19 testing, which is certainly interesting, and seems to put Britain near the top in Europe – for testing.

Fine, for Britain, which, as the cradle of Public Health, unsurprisingly it should be. The originator of the industrial revolution really should know all about it….

The current government unfortunately has no idea and thinks private corporations – shades, certainly of their Victorian ancestors – should be in charge and also offer the best solution.

Why have they forgotten the ages old local authority test and trace system? Currently used for polio and E-coli, for example?

That is why, while test may be tolerable, the trace is disastrous – there is little local control.

I’m sure the government was not, until quite recently ever even aware of local government test and trace. Yet their ‘assured’ extra £300million for all of England and Wales amounts to – well – fanny adams.

Actually I think that they fear that local authority skills represents a threat to their central government power – as we have seen with no COBRA – until perhaps yesterday? And also no consultation with devolved nations – or even often devolved but usually Tory created, English authorities.

There are getting on for 200 local authorities in England and more if Wales is included, so an extra £300million (when for example my own humble abode is now allegedly worth £0.3 million) brings us down to earth. The amount is derisory.

I do know I’m comparing capital with income, but that is one of the reasons the UK is always at a competitive disadvantage – its housing is way too expensive to be employed…

When we can actually realise that most of this money is created by banks why on earth can’t we create it for doing things society needs desperately to do?

And that is the understanding of why we need to localise.

Currently of course the privatised and centralised Serco operation cannot properly trace because it is not local.

And yet we know that tracing is key

Yet, incompetent as it is, government seems chaotically unwilling to forgo control to anything local…


  1. Chris Kitcher -

    Can we please have a movement to distance the NHS from this disastrous test and trace system. It is a failure of the private sector and this needs to be broadcast.

    1. Peter May -

      Quite so!

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