Data and Visualisation

the OBSERVATORY of ECONOMIC COMPLEXITY (OEC) is a tool that allows users to quickly compose a visual narrative about countries and the products they exchange. It was Alexander Simoes’ Master Thesis in Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab, which you can read here. The project was conducted at The MIT Media Lab Macro Connections group. Alex’s Advisor was César A. Hidalgo, principal investigator of Macro Connections. Since its creation in 2010, the development of The Observatory of Economic Complexity has been supported by The MIT Media Lab consortia for undirected research.

Eorostat is an interactive European statistical atlas which covers areas such as economics and commerce, population and social conditions, industry trade and services, agriculture and fisheries, transport, science and technology and general regional statistics.

World Bank Open Data.   Free and open access to global development data. The site is designed to make World Bank data easy to find, download, and use. All of the data found here can be used free of charge with minimal restrictions.