A list of contributors to the site.

Sean Danaher
Sean is Emeritus Professor at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle. His background is in Astrophysics and earned his PhD from University College Dublin in 1981 after completing his experimental work at the Harvard Smithsonian Observatory near Tucson Arizona. Sean had expected to return to the United States after his PhD was completed, but his position disappeared after the reordering of priorities under the Regan Administration. Instead he came to the UK in 1981 to take a post-doc position at the University of Sheffield and CERN, only expecting to stay a few years, but is still in the UK 36 years later. He has also worked in Leeds Polytechnic before moving to Newcastle.
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Charles Adams
Charles is Physics Professor at the University of Durham. He teaches Optics and Econophysics. He is currently writing a book a (hopefully popular) science book on economics. His research expertise is experimental quantum optics which is less relevant but does shape his world view on questions of measurement and uncertainty in particular. His strengths are in data analysis and visualisation. Recent research for example has been published on Tax and Human Development the Evidence showing a high correlation between the inequality-adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI) and Tax as percentage of GDP from the Heritage Foundation.
Ivan Horrocks
Ivan spent 25 years in academia as an interdisciplinary social scientist with a background in government, politics and policy studies who migrated into the discipline of technology and innovation management later in his career. He gained a BA (Hons) in Public Administration as a mature student in the early 1990s before going on to gain a PhD in government and public policy. Prior to becoming an academic Ivan worked in policy/project/community development in the voluntary sector and local government in Manchester, South Wales and Nottingham. He has also worked for British Rail, the National Coal Board/British Coal, Pirelli and WH Smiths. In his spare time Ivan is a keen dinghy sailor and gardener.
Peter May
Peter May used to work in the wine business in France and then returned to work in a cheese company which attracted the attention of corporate food and the job changed overnight. Leaving the corporation behind he decided to start his own wholesale and retail wine and cheese business - until the financial crash brought down too many customers to be able confidently to continue. The remaining business was sold. And, remarkably, the bank was persuaded to show some 'debt forgiveness'. He retains an interest in food and drink – and the French relations. Such writing skills as he has are a result of writing up all those wine lists. Radical politics was always an abiding interest – there was just never sufficient time to get properly involved – until now! He much regrets having to share the same surname as a Prime Minister who has promoted Brexit.
Andre Dickie
Grace Sutherland
Grace’s background is in teaching and organisational training. She has had an interest in self-development for over 30 years and is influenced by the work of Integral philosopher Ken Wilber and his Integral theory and particularly by Father Thomas Keating, and is a long time practitioner of C.P. Her first book which she self-published was Integral Wisdom for Parents and Children. She lives on Skye but also spends time in a beloved 500 year old home in an ancient hilltop village in the North of Italy.
Prof Richard Murphy
Richard Murphy is a UK based chartered accountant, political economist, tax justice campaigner and is currently Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at City, University of London. Richard is the author of The Courageous State, The Joy of Tax, Dirty Secrets: How Tax havens destroy the economy and co-author of Tax Havens: How globalisation really works. In 2015 Richard was credited with creating 'Corbynomics'. He is not a member of any political party. He has blogged for more than a decade at Tax Research UK.
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