Astra Zenica could end up proving that there are other ways to do business…

There is little doubt that Public Relations is not Astra Zenica’s strongest point. But is their undertaking (via Oxford University) to sell at cost while the pandemic lasts actually a substantial threat to other vaccine originators? Estimates would appear to suggest appear that Pfizer and Moderna are likely to make $16-17 billion out of their… Read more

Bookcase Credibility

I was much amused by this picture which comes from a Sky interview with one of Trump’s former spokeswomen. You certainly don’t need to listen to her but an account called ‘Bookcase Credibility‘ pointed out that ‘Credibility is hard to maintain when you forget to iron the creases out of your bookcase’. And sure enough,… Read more

Michael Hudson at 80 – reflects on his remarkable life:

This is one hour and five minutes so I must indicate, not a quick listen. But nonetheless, given the connections and career of the economist and polymath, Michael Hudson, it is a very interesting verbal autobiography… He’s both been there and done that and also later researched something else… I think it was Steve Keen… Read more


Was of course Trump’s tweet in characteristic capitals long before he, or anyone else, could possibly know the result. I think we can safely presume that his legal challenges will be found to be without merit, and that any recounts will not alter matters significantly. I thought the survey below interesting (and always having to… Read more