Government thinks that the only law that works is the law of supply and demand – but they prove it doesn’t!

The Evening Standard – no less – has pointed out the disaster that is our Criminal Justice System, saying that the extra 33 ‘Nightingale’ emergency courts have been refused by the Treasury. The article states: The government deliberately slashed court sitting days in 2019, allowing the backlog of case in the crown courts of England… Read more

The NHS is unsafe in Conservative hands

This is the Coventry South MP, Zarah Sultana’s withering take: We might care to think too that since the Conservatives have come to power – and prior to Covid there are/were: 100,000 fewer doctors & nurses 17,000 fewer hospital beds 100 fewer A&E facilities Hospital waiting lists have doubled. That is a litany of the… Read more

Police Bill and power

Rebecca Long-Bailey gives two and a half minutes or so of heartfelt opposition to the Police Bill now going through Parliament – amazingly without a single Conservative MP voting against. This Bill not only infringes everyone’s right to free expression, it neatly entails the everyday politicisation of the Police, which as we have seen during… Read more

Johnson’s government proves the truth of ‘perfidious albion’

This tweet from the BBC’s Europe correspondent provides another possible reason for Johnson’s Internal Market Bill: Katya Adler@BBCkatyaadler Opinion amongst EU diplomats is broadly that IF PM is talking about EU threatening integrity of UK endangering peace in NIreland etc IN ORDER to eventually sell idea to Tory party that doing a trade deal with… Read more