Sunak is wrong and Positive Money is actually right…

This from Positive Money, who I’ve been critical of in the past, is absolutely spot on – although never mind three things wrong that they advocate – I’d suggest that Sunak is actually completely lost – or perhaps, lying… Apologies for the double billing below – only the first one needs attention. ‘Fraid I cannot… Read more

A government which is obviously out of its depth

The overdue imposition of a lockdown announced yesterday evening by Johnson’s government seems only to prove that idea that some people see the writing on the wall only when they have their backs to it… The government has, within just two months, gone all the way from spending (and forgoing revenue) of half a billion… Read more

Now they are gaslighting business

This is not just that old joke about how many Tories does it take to change a lightbulb? (Answer: none – they prefer gas lighting). This is about the private industry who, they actually tell us, that by paying their taxes create the money to pay for ‘our’ NHS. Mr Gove said on Marr: “Make… Read more

Is rebellion imminent?

This moving piece from Channel 4 news and from a real small employer (rather than a grasping rentier capitalist) correctly explains why so many are completely adrift in the government’s occasional, random and unscientific lockdowns. For sure the science is uncertain – but the money creation to ensure both the lady in the interview and… Read more

Victorian government Public Health

I have looked at at a BBC Factcheck on Covid -19 testing, which is certainly interesting, and seems to put Britain near the top in Europe – for testing. Fine, for Britain, which, as the cradle of Public Health, unsurprisingly it should be. The originator of the industrial revolution really should know all about it……. Read more

Frictionless trade for the future?

Oh dear – the Conservatives’ ‘easiest trade deal in history’ has turned out to be a little more difficult. We can of course, export but will the regulations allow us to export as a previous PM used to say – “without friction”? As anyone who knows about trade deals – friction is the word. Reducing… Read more