The dilemma of neoliberal capitalism: whose efficiency and whose resilience?

National Grid claimed, after the recent power cut  that they had been efficiently supplying electricity without fault since the last time the same thing happened eleven years ago in 2008. Now, I’m paraphrasing slightly and the chap was rather less smug than this suggests but it still poses the question: whose efficiency and what about… Read more

Modernising in the Neoliberal way

A wry smile crosses my face when I read about the effects of ‘modernising’ the French rail system, described in Monday’s ‘Le Monde’. They are a bit behind the UK in their neoliberal zeal but catching up fast. One poor passenger had to travel from the suburbs into central Paris to get her ticket because… Read more

Mutuality Versus Banking – which to prefer?

In this article the City Editor of the FT, no less, says that Labour is right “Britain’s private utility model is broken.” Here is a riddle that is not so difficult to unpick. Between their privatisation in 1989 and last year, English water companies were permitted by their regulator to generate operating cash flows totalling… Read more