Conservatives are certainly no longer friends of business

‘Tory Fibs’ may see this as a moral choice – but it is actually rather simpler than that…. I certainly liked this question from Ian Blackford to Johnson at PMQ’s yesterday, stating that other nations (he could have pointed out, but didn’t, that all the comparitor nations were in the Eurozone and so had much… Read more

Something else we seem to be world beating at..

Or at least beating the rest of Europe at… According to the 2020 release of the annual Good Childhood Report from the Children’s Society, children in Romania enjoyed the highest levels of life satisfaction, with 85% feeling positive, Finland was next with 84% and Spain and France were respectively 82% and 80% . The UK… Read more

The deficit is a record of past history and not an indication that there is no future…

I first came to doubting ‘Economics’ through Steve Keen’s ‘Debunking Economics’, which was first published in 2001! and I’ve been a skeptic ever since. I follow intermittently Steve’s conversations with Phil Dobbie which are podcasts which are often free – as indeed is this one here. In it Steve tells what he has learnt from… Read more

Frictionless trade for the future?

Oh dear – the Conservatives’ ‘easiest trade deal in history’ has turned out to be a little more difficult. We can of course, export but will the regulations allow us to export as a previous PM used to say – “without friction”? As anyone who knows about trade deals – friction is the word. Reducing… Read more

A spoonful of sugar substitute….

This article in the New York Times suggests some of the problems that sugar substitutes may provoke. It is an interesting read but the concluding commentary is the crux of the issue: Dr. Robert Lustig, an obesity expert and professor emeritus at the University of California, San Francisco, said that artificial sweeteners confuse the body:… Read more