A government can never ‘over’spend…

Spending is literally what governments are for. Governments may not tax back sufficient of their expenditure to prevent inflation, but the level of inflation is a democratic choice. It cannot be ‘over’spending for exactly that reason. I thought the explanation (below -just over two minutes) of how the BBC has, helped, over the last decade,… Read more

Grenfell Fire and Responsibilities

If the BBC is to be believed then today will see the publication of a first report on the Grenfell fire which is highly critical of the London Fire Service. Of course the Fire Service made errors – who wouldn’t in such an unforseen emergency situation? However, to criticise the Fire Service is a little… Read more

Libra is not so free

It seems that Facebook’s intentions have been unwittingly exposed in this article. Zuckerberg cautioned that the U.S. might lose its “financial leadership” on the world stage if Libra is not allowed to launch, noting that “China is moving quickly to launch similar ideas in the coming months.” Of course China – or at least its government… Read more

Johnson – the dangerous man

I’ve copied the details of a letter below to show that Johnson has once again failed to subject himself to democratic scrutiny. He has again ‘postponed’ attendance at a hearing of the Liason Select Committee. It is worrying that Johnson demonstrates once again that he doesn’t understand that an essential of his office as leader… Read more

Undermining Voting Rights

The appalling Conservative idea of having to possess ‘identity’ in order to vote is straight out of the US Republican scheme of how to reduce votes, effectively from people who do not like you… There is in fact, virtually no election fraud in mainland UK with just one prosecution in the last period. It is… Read more