Covid-19 continued ..3

This is from a twitterer which amused me: Owing to the worsening situation, I’ve upgraded the musical accompaniment for my hand washing to Wagner’s Ring Cycle. Doesn’t leave much time for anything else, but safety first… Yet, joking apart, the UK prevention system for Covid-19 seems highly ‘individual’ and even somewhat suspect (see below): With… Read more

Budget – or just trickery

According to The History of Parliament the phrase ‘to open one’s budget’ “was being used in the sixteenth century to mean that someone was revealing something which was secret, perhaps even dubious. It meant something like bringing out a box of tricks. “ Yesterday’s budget certainly seems to justify that description. The new Chancellor seems… Read more

Fiscal Rules

I suspect that the Conservatives’ fiscal rules will be thoroughly breached by the upcoming budget. But meanwhile, Simon Wren Lewis, architect of Labour’s fiscal rules, has (at last?) outlined what they are for. I trust he’ll forgive me for quoting at length: Fiscal rules are there to restrain governments from not being benevolent. For many… Read more

Countering executive over-reach

There is an interesting article in Prospect Magazine by David Allen Green in which he suggests that the judicial activism of the recent past is just not true and where he concludes: So there is an artificially inflated narrative of judicial activism. The context for this is telling: there are concurrent attacks on impartial civil… Read more

Treasury rules – or does it?

This is from Ed Conway of Sky concerning the ‘Times’ extract that follows: The Treasury is debating a radical change in its accounting rules, reclassifying billions spent on education and health as “investment”. One upshot: Rishi Sunak could meet his fiscal rules without any tax rises or spending cuts.. So this suggests that Labour’s paroxysms… Read more